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What makes an employee highly engaged?

At the moment I can’t say this figure enough, I’ve known about the global data from Gallup for some years now and it’s never really struck me until just recently when I was thinking about organisations and the constant pressure to perform.

24% is the number of people globally who are actively disengaged within organisations!

What does that actually mean? The best analogy I can come up with is that it’s similar to having a puncture and driving your car on the run flat, you’ll still be able to drive your car but you’ll need to drive it at the recommend sped which is at least 25% of it’s total capacity.

You might be thinking that engagement isn’t an issue in your organisation as your own figures don’t reflect Gallup’s data, well, my belief is that many businesses are being blinded by their own internal surveys. I hear so often from staff that they don’t trust the internal surveys because they don’t believe they are confidential, so unfortunately they answer with what they think the leaders want to hear!

Can you imagine if you were able to motivate 12% of these individuals within your own company and the impact that could have on your bottom line?

And lets face it, some of these actively disengaged are people that aren’t aligned with the company values, and it would be better for them to find a job that is a better fit with what they really want.

For years this has been a BIG issue and has been the cause of lots of hours spent in performance management reviews etc taking up a number of peoples time and energy attempting to align people who are actually bent out of shape.

The good news is that there is an opportunity to buck the trend and tap into more of your staffs potential by having a long term sustainable people development plan that covers all staff.

We’ve come up with a framework called 8 Steps to World Class Performance and work with Leaders and their teams to build this culture in their organisations.

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