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Every now and then we need a little pick me up, we will continue to add video’s that help us to put our lives into perspective and sprinkle a bit of sunshine on a gloomy day.

Please take a moment to pause and check some of these out.

Jim Rees On Beliefs

Jim Rees being interviewed by Gavin Ingham on empowering beliefs that support performance.

Jim speaking at the Sales Innovation Conference

Emotional intelligence has become a game changer for businesses in the past 10 years. With more pressure a stress to perform, people need to be able to keep their cool when they are in front of their clients.

Jim being interviewed by Will Barron

Working with emotional intelligence is the QUICKEST WAY TO WIN IN B2B SALES. This interview will show you how…

Jim Rees is an expert on the topic of emotional intelligence and was a pleasure to interview at the recent Sales Innovation Expo in London.

Who are we?

An look into the Long and the Short of It by Mark Foster and Jim Rees, Co-Founders.

Who is Mark Foster?

Mark Foster was a world, European and Commonwealth champion and world short-course freestyle record holder and swam for Great Britain at five Olympic Games before retiring after Beijing at the age of 38.

Building a Team

Jim talks about why there is an urgency and a compelling WHY corporate organisations need to focus on Building a High Performing Team. Jim Rees Co Founder of the Long and the Short of it understands what it takes to build a cohesive team.

Watch Mark Foster in Action

The Men's 50m freestyle race at the Paris stop of the FINA WC. José Meolans is in lane 1, closest to the camera. Fernando Scherer is in lane 2, and Mark Foster in lane 3.

Who is Jim Rees?

Jim Rees taking time out having just set a new world record for cycling 448 miles in 24 hours on a Watt Bike at the London Cycle Show in 2009. This is Jim talking at the TedX event in London hours after setting the new record.

Built for Greatness

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