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Feedback from Cancer Research UK Conference – 30th June 2016

The two sports personalities’ sublime motivational segments.

Mark and Jim’s talk was very interesting and added a nice external dynamic to things.

The long and the short of it was great – really engaging and got me thinking about how my mind-set really has an impact on my work!

I really enjoyed the guest speakers who were able to bring some inspiration from outside the department.

Mark Foster and Jim Rees really relevant for everyone- attitude will be so important if we want to keep raising the bar in HR and CR.

The guest speakers were really amazing and motivational – good to get the floor interacting too!

The session with Jim and Mark left me with some really memorable moments.

Natasha Gorbert-Hopkins

Cancer Research UK
Jim worked with my senior leadership team over a number of years in individual and group settings. His unique ability to unpack our beliefs and create a self awareness of who we are, what we stand for and how we will show up as leaders, as individuals and as a team is quite remarkable. So few leaders really understand the impact they have on their colleagues and on their environment. The fingerprint that is left behind each and every time action and interaction takes place. How awareness of self, of others and of that synergistic interaction can create quite remarkable outcomes. He was able to guide us to a tremendous position. A cohesive team, collaborative, passionate and committed to our purpose and the values we believe in. He is high on my list of “go to” professionals.

Ian Eggs

Former Vice President EMEA at OCD Johnson & Johnson
I’ve seen hundreds of speakers who try to help their audiences achieve their potential. Jim is one of the best. His personal experiences as an extreme athlete underpin a powerful and proven approach to high performance as individuals and teams. Yet, he does not overwhelm the audience or flatter himself. The power of his message comes from a deep humility and obvious mastery of both of his message and his life. He clearly lives and believes what he preaches. Jimʼs message is a powerful reminder of the potential we can all aspire to. I highly recommend him.

Dr Graeme Codrington

Founder TomorrowToday and Professional Speaker
The closing session was hosted by British Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and ultra-cyclist Jim Rees, a great way to send the team back out into the field inspired and motivated.

Feedback from Ortho conference in Berlin Jan 2016

Mark Foster was invited to address a delegation of 200 sport industry professionals at our flagship conference, Sports Marketing 360. He offered an entertaining, insightful and honest account of his relationship with the commercial aspects of sport. It led to a lot of questions from the delegates and a number of talking points for the ensuing panel discussion. SportBusiness Group has worked with a number of high profile athletes in a professional speaking capacity and would consider Mark one of the best.

Luke Upton

Conference & Event Manager SportBusiness Group
I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on both a one to one basis and through a team based approach over the last five years. Jim is both an inspiring and challenging executive coach who has had a significant impact in assisting me to develop the necessary self-management and emotional resilience skills I need to be an effective senior business leader in a high pressure environment. With Jims guidance I have evolved my understanding of my self awareness and mindfulness which I have been able to employ to improve my impact as a leader, to develop a high level of trust in my teams as well as substantially improved performance through enhanced collaboration, mutual understanding and teamwork. But most importantly, these are not just skills for business, but instruments for life and Jim has greatly assisted me in gaining the maximum value from my total life experience.

Paul Marcun

Vice President, Ethicon Endo Surgery Johnson & Johnson, EMEA
Mark recently presented at our commercial conference. He listened carefully to my brief and delivered a session that landed all the messages superbly. Mark was keen to participate and add value to the whole conference. He willingly participated in breakout sessions and helped to facilitate some great discussions. The success of a good speaker is not just the impact they have on the day, but the impact they have in the following weeks. My team still refer to Mark’s session, clear indication of a job well done.

British Gas

Mark Foster MBE spoke at our annual conference and was a huge hit. He managed to combine inspirational messages with funny moments from Strictly and great interaction with the audience.

Emma Bradley

Education and Special Projects Ltd
Jim, Reflecting on our 1:1 coaching sessions, I’d like to thank you not only for the many practical ways that you have helped me think about leadership and raising self awareness but also for the richness and variety of our discussions prompted by the diversity of reading material that we covered together. You have taught me that commitment is not only about depth, effort and energy but above all it is about being in the present moment. The result of this coaching has lead a more sustainable and effective approach at work and a better balance with a hectic home life!

Simon Dolan

Director of Chemistry GlaxoSmithKline
With over 300 people in the room, Mark Foster used different techniques to keep everyone engaged and interested in what he was saying. With mostly business men and sports fans in the room Mark was able to conduct himself in a manner that suited both parties and children. Mark’s experience in life after sport was extremely interesting and our 1st team players took this in as something they need to start thinking about as well. The interactivity that Mark had with our guests was exceptional and spent over an hour signing autographs and having photos and it was a pleasure to host him and have him as our guest speaker.

Leicester Tigers

Jim provided the keynote at a Venture national event, and delivered ‘Built for Greatness’ with conviction and passion, inspiring the audience. His link to the Race Across America provided the Wow factor, but his deep insights into leadership and getting the best from oneself gave the delegates some valuable tools to take away with them. Would use Jim again, most definitely.

Steve Bruzzese

Jim’s impact at the recent Boots L&D event was powerful. His session was energising and thought provoking, challenging the team to truly understand themselves as individuals through their Awareness, Beliefs and Commitment. Jim shows a natural strength in intuition and consideration by tailoring his messages to land for his audience. We very much look forward to continuing our journey with Jim as our co-pilot through a period of great change within our organisation.

Boots UK

Mark Foster helped us launch our campaign to cut Britain’s hot water usage and was an inspiring and engaging speaker. He was very easy to work with and went the extra mile to make sure that he completely understood the campaign before the speech on the day and by using the products in his home. He made sure that all of our key messages were included in an entertaining and interactive speech.

Emma Healey

Energy Saving Trust

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