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Motivational Speaking


Mark and Jim work with a dynamic team of Olympians and Motivational Speakers who cover a broad range of Leadership & Mindset topics.

If you’re looking to inspire and engage your team with some great stories combined with powerful mindset models that can be applied immediately back at work, let’s talk


1:1 Executive Coaching


Senior leaders are putting in a minimum of 240 hours per month and, like any peak performers, they need to be able to recover and reflect to enable them to fully and consistently tap into their potential.

We use a number of diagnostic measurements in the initial phase of the coaching programme. These create a Deeper Level of Awareness around the patterns of behaviour that the individual is currently running.

All subsequent sessions focus on where the individual needs to develop, to build and broaden their leadership fingerprint, whether with their team or the rest of the organisation.

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Leadership Alignment


We work with your top team to help them craft a roadmap that is crystal clear, and inspires and engages the whole organisation.

Most companies have Vision & Mission Statements and yet still struggle to get full engagement. Working with top teams across a broad range of industries, our experience has shown that many find it tough to articulate their PURPOSE.

Yet, this is the Why that drives each individual to excel to be the best version of themselves and for the organisation.

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


We have a depth & breadth of working with senior leaders across blue-chip organisations. Our coaches are all qualified in Emotional Intelligence and are great facilitators.

At the core of our programmes is the ABC of Success™ framework, which starts with creating a Deeper Level of Awareness of the current fingerprint being left by an individual on their team and the rest of the organisation. The next step is to challenge the Beliefs and, then finally, to check the levels of Commitment towards working as a cohesive team, built firmly on trust.

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Habits of Winners


There are always core models that sit around any Mindset Change programme we deliver and this is blended into your current context and desired outcome which ends up becoming a combination of a bespoke / blend to ensure the goals are aligned and achieved.

Typically, aspects of the programme cover taking more personal responsibility, increasing emotional resilience, being more goal directed and flexible in their approach to complexity also, being more capable of handling conflict, trusting others, having a balanced outlook and using reflective learning which is a critical aspect of Emotional Intelligence.

This is such a big topic, let’s talk.


Process Improvement


Our approach here is to release the value invested in systems, methodologies and process. By aligning and simplifying the complexity, contradictions and duplications that exist between CRM, sales processes and methods to empower your management team to increase performance. Our approach identifies the key behaviours and metrics that drive performance that your investments promised.

This is a sure fire way of gaining incremental improvement, just call to find out more.

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